Monday, August 20, 2012

Death Calculator! Woopieee!!

Life expectancy varies greatly from country to...
Life expectancy varies greatly from country to country. It is lowest in Africa and higher in Japan, Australia and Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By this point in time, I believe everyone who reads my blog knows just how much I love gadgets, tools, calculators, and little interactive sites that give you instant feedback. Why I love them, I do not know, but I do, so that’s that. Today I found an extremely “different” type of interactive tool, different and a bit morbid.

Today’s tool, is a “Death Calculator” in which you go down the list, and add or subtract years based on certain criteria ranging from diabetes in your family, to how much you exercise, to your living environment. 

The tool starts with the average life expectancy, which is about 79.

Anyhow, go through, honestly answer all of the questions and see how you come out. Remember, the further below 79 you get, the more of a wakeup call it should be that changes need to take place. Changes with healthcare, our way of live, and the environment that surrounds us. Make those changes today, start exercising, daily. You can’t go wrong.

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