Friday, November 30, 2012

My Christmas Shopping is Almost Done!

Nebraska Huskers
And thank goodness. I'm tired of shopping bags and packages already. The second-to-last person on my list was my sister-in-law (who will not be named even though I don't think she would ever come across this blog). My sister-in-law and I are best friends. We go to Husker games together with our husbands whenever we can. She is what you would definitely call a die-hard fan and I’m not taking the phrase lightly. She’s often screaming and cheering louder than our husbands! 

Despite her love for Huskers football, she, unfortunately, doesn’t have much Husker gear. She’s always sporting my brother’s shirts and hats, but doesn’t have any Husker swag of her own. Well, for Christmas, I thought I’d change that. I found the husker planet store online and they had all sorts of items she had on her wish list. Little does she know, they will be all Husker football-oriented! 

First, I picked out some Nebraska pajama pants. She’s the type that likes to get cozy for bed, so I knew she’d dig these flannel, plaid pants. They’re 100% cotton flannel and they’ve got the embroidered “N” on the left front leg. The colors of the plaid are tints of the team colors, so even on her lazy days, her team spirit can still be there! 

Next, I picked her out a Husker t-shirt. This shirt truly has a more feminine appeal to it….and it should, because it’s actually made for women! It features a stylish scoop neck and distressed screen print graphics across the front chest, featuring the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers logo. It’s also 100% cotton and tag less, so it’s stylish and comfortable! It’s also pre-washed, so that makes it super convenient and I know it will fit her after she washes it. 

Then, I picked out a Nebraska shirt….perfect for game day! It’s got the look and style of a jersey, but it’s fitted and designed for a woman. It’s called the “Football Slub Tee”. Its relaxed, vintage clothing with that familiar vintage soft feel because it’s 100% cotton. I know she’ll definitely love what she unwraps from me this year, thanks to the husker planet store!

Monday, November 5, 2012

When Dog Days Are Literal


Halloween was a bit of a disappointment at our house this past year as there were significantly less trick or treaters in years past. While the weather wasn't perfect, I still thought the turnout was low. Maybe I'm just getting old, but when I was a kid Halloween was a race to get your hands on as much candy as possible and you'd go to any extreme to make sure that you did. Regardless, I don't know if it's the general media-induced fear of kids being out at night (even with their parents), but things were slow and that left me with a bunch of leftover candy.

Of course, in the shopping trips I made preceding the candy holocaust that was not to be, I found a lot of good deals on assorted sweets I would never buy under other circumstances. One of which would be jelly beans. I can eat about five of them, and then I'm done. So I figured, why not leave them out in a bowl for guests? Good idea, right?

Well, it is until your schnauzer decides to climb on your furniture in the middle of the night and devour an entire pound of them. The aftermath was not all. We're talking, carpet cleaning time here. Ugh...

Anyhow, note to self: Left unsupervised, even an otherwise well behaved dog will find his way into accessible sweets. If you're willing to do this, be prepared for the very gross aftermath.

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