Monday, June 18, 2012

Environmental Friendly Businesses

Traditional Agriculture Supply Chain Model in ...
Traditional Agriculture Supply Chain Model in India (Photo credit:
While working in the environmental consulting industry for quite some time, I started developing a keen interest in companies that do what they can to be eco-friendly. These companies lead the way with developing greener technologies that reduce our environmental footprint as well as saving us consumers some serious cash. Thanks to several sources, I put together a list of some of the greenest companies we can give thanks to:

1. Dell - They do a lot to try and reduce their total waste, and they can back up what they promise.
2. Hewlett Packard - HP began reporting greenhouse gases associated with its supply chain long before any other major tech companies were doing so.
3. Johnson & Johnson - In their broad industry representation, they stand out from their competitors for taking substantial efforts to reduce waste and energy.
4. Adobe - The buildings Adobe uses certainly are not cheap, but they are extremely energy efficient.
5. Nike - Having strong green roots from their very start, the sports giant has not lost sight of its core environmental foundation and continues to raise awareness for many environmental issues.