Tuesday, April 23, 2013

MBA Human Resources Programs

When it comes to being a lawyer or a doctor or accountant, there always seems to be a clear and set path for you to follow. You graduate from undergrad, apply to graduate schools or take necessary exams, and then achieve a title or certificate that gives you necessary credentials to practice your profession. Organized and clean. However, things seem to be farther from the case when it comes to making a profession in human resource management.

The Human Resource Management Program at MSU is one of the top Human Resource MBA programs in the country, and many would dream to work there. However, what happens if you also get accepted to work in the human resources program at Boeing - One of the most highly sought after programs for human resource professionals in the world.

It isn't an easy choice, and it isn't the only profession that's like that. Many marketing and sales professionals also face the choice of going off to work at a great company where they will make money and possibly have a promising future, or enrolling at their dream MBA program.

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