Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary

The longer you've been married, the harder it is to find novel ways to rekindle your relationship. Some couples don't even think about this important milestone, especially when they've been together for so many years already. But that's where problems can begin -- from a small tear to one big gaping hole that will be harder to sew back again.

Being together all the time can lessen the excitement and lead to loneliness from either partner. Research proves that celebrating the day of the couple's union can help strengthen their bond and spark memories of those times when the feeling was still "new". So how can you take back that time when you were just starting to fall in love? Share new, exciting activities together that you've never done before on your anniversary.

1. Visit a romantic town, which can be on the ocean or on the mountain. This article sums up five American cities you have to visit with a loved one. Go sightseeing, visit art galleries, go shopping, do something outdoors! Beautiful memories are made when you're doing something out of the ordinary.

2. Join a marriage retreat. Meet other couples like you and listen to great advice shared by a relationship expert. Venues are usually held at a quiet hotel or resort so the participants can have time to focus on each other and be part of the fellowship with people of same interests.

3. Upgrade your rings. Have they gone too tight or too loose? Have the rings lost their shine? It's time to return to the jeweler and have them upgraded. You can have them cleaned or better yet, melted down to form a new pair of custom rings.

4. Organize your photos. You'll have fun just browsing through old photos and the memories of the good times you've had together. Make a scrapbook that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. Write notes about the photos and what makes that moment so special?

Celebrating an anniversary does not have to be expensive as long as you are both sincere in renewing and revitalizing your vows by being attentive to each other. Get rid of distractions and spend a day, a week, or even a month sharing your love for each other.


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