Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Ways to Explore the Art Scene of the Berkshires

The Berkshires is home to a thriving art scene that rivals those found in other parts of Massachusetts. Many of the local museums, art galleries and special events give people the chance to learn more about the area’s thriving art community. Here are five ways to explore the art scene of the Berkshires.

Spend a Day at the Berkshire Museum

Located in Pittsfield, this museum features precious artworks and artifacts from all around the world. Some of these pieces even date back to ancient times and offer a glimpse into how people once lived. There is also an extensive collection of American artworks that were created by some of the nation’s most iconic artists. More information about the museum’s collections along with visiting hours and prices can be found at

Explore Chesterwood

This quaint country home in Stockbridge is where acclaimed artist Daniel Chester French created many of his sculptures. Some of his most impressive masterpieces sit on display for visitors to behold. Guests can also tour his studio and explore the beautiful gardens surrounding the home. Anyone wanting to visit can find more information at

Take a Trip to the Mission House

Also located in Stockbridge, this house has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Inside the home, visitors are allowed to explore the different rooms that are adorned with decorative artworks. Mohican Indian art pieces and artifacts have also been salvaged and are displayed inside the home’s Indian Museum. Further details about the home’s visiting hours along with other important information can be viewed at

Visit the Clark Art Institute

This museum in Williamstown is open to visitors who want to learn even more about the art scene in the Berkshires. Collections include some of the finest examples of British and Dutch artwork. The museum also has American paintings, sculptures and photographs on display. Old master paintings dating back to the 14th century can be viewed as well. The museum even features special exhibitions that give art lovers even more opportunities to see unique pieces. More details about the museum and its collections can be found at

Attend the Berkshires Arts Festival

This summertime tradition regularly attracts art lovers from all parts of the region who want to see unique art pieces that were created by notable American and Canadian artists. The event is usually held in early July and was started by Richard and Joanna Rothbard as a way to add even more depth to the local art scene. The website for this festival is

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